The biggest city in the South Black Sea region, second biggest port in Bulgaria after Varna and fourth biggest Bulgarian city, with population of over 210 000 citizens. One of the biggest enterprises in Bulgaria are situated here – the petrol refinery of Neftohim, which is supplying the whole country with over 30 petrol products.

The city of Bourgas (Burgas) is an inheritor of the ancient Roman town of Deulum, established by Vespasian Emperor as a military colony for veterans.

The current name Bourgas (Burgas) receives in XVII century. It has been called Ahelo-Bourgas. After the Liberation, it becomes Bourgas with a population of 2 950 citizens! The town had grown a hundred times and had become a center of the South part of the sea side. The city is connected with the railway from the year of  903.

The most famous sightseeings in Bourgas are the Historical Museum, founded in 1925 with rich collection from the old Black see colonies, the Art Gallery, the St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, built in 1905, the Ethnographic Museum with collection of traditional Kouker masks and costumes, the Museum of the Natural Science, the Armenian Church, the Opera, the Dramatic Theater. The festivals and the cultural celebrations in Bourgas are very different: there is held a Fest of the Classic German and Austrian music (5 days in the end of April), The International Fest of the Children Choirs – in the end of May, the so called “Theater in Case” – international theatre fest for short plays; three weeks in July – Fest of the Opera and Classic Music; International Folklore Fest and week of Art for Children – in August. In September the most popular is the Jazz Fest “Bourgas and the Sea” and the “Golden Orpheus” in Sunny Beach.

The Sea Garden of Burgas is situated on high coast and is cut trough with lots of flower-beds, trees and sculptures.

The city celebrates at 6th of December (Nikulden). This is the day of the St. Nikolay Wonder-worker, patron saint of the fishermen and sailors.

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