Ruse (Rousse)

Ruse (Rousse) is located in North-East Bulgaria, on the Northern boundary and at the same time next to the biggest transport highway in Europe – the Danube River. The population of Ruse is 167 thousand inhabitants.

The town takes a significant place in the Bulgarian national history and has a rich cultural-historical heritage. As a settlement Rousse has a very rich, millenial history. The town itself was founded in the I century D.C. as a Roman military fortress with a river port, and was named Sexaginta Prista (The port of the 60 vessels).

It is the first European city in Bulgaria, called “The Little Vienna”. The influence of the Western European architecture and culture was very strong even in XIX century. Among the sightseeings of the city are the Freedom Monument, projected by the Italian architect Arnoldo Zocchi; the Pantheon, the Dohodno Zdanie Building, the Court House, the National Museum of the Transport, the Museum of Regional History. The ex military fortress has been turned into a wine cellar, and one of the most popular tourist attractions is the boat tour over Danube.

There are lots of parks here:

  • Natural Park “Rousse Lom” – Ivanovo Municipality – located at about 20 km to the South-West from Rousse and spreads over 3260 hectares from the valley of the Rousenski Lom River and the lowest currents of the Cherni Lom and Banski Lom Rivers. Created in 1970 with the purpose of preserving the canyons of the three rivers, their flora, fauna and historical landmarks.
  • Natural landmark Orlova Chuka Cave – near the area Orlova Chuka;
  • Natural landmark Mamulya Rock – near Pisanets Village;
  • Protected area Ostrata Skala – near Senovo Village;
  • Pismata Cave – near Koshov Village on Cherni Lom River;
  • Rock formation Pobit Kamak – near Topchii Village.

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