Varna is called the Pearl of the Bulgarian Black See Coast as well as the Sea Capital of Bulgaria.  It is the second biggest city in Bulgaria after Sofia with about 1 000 000 citizens, and this number grow several times during the active summer season.

It is situated at the coast of Varna Bay and is one of the oldest towns in Europe. Once these places were inhabited by the Thracians and in VI century B.C. the city was populated by Greeks from the famous in these days town of Milet. They had established a town-state (polis) under the name of Odessos. On these lands, where this polis was established, once has existed a highly developed civilization. A Necropolis, dating back from 4 000 years B.C. was discovered in the region of Varna, in which were found over 2 000 gold articles and decorations, with common weight of over 5 kg, and the gold is 23.5 carats! This gold treasure is preserved in original in the Varna Archaeological Museum and is declared as the oldest processed gold in the world!

In 681 near the city was held historical battle between the united troops of Slavs and Bulgarians, led by Khan Asparouh against the Byzantine troops, led by Emperor Constatine IV Pogonat. The Byzantines are defeated and chased away toward the sea, and the Emperor was forced to sign the peace treaty, with which the beginning of the Bulgarian country was set. Since then the city receives its current name – Varna.

Today Varna is an administrative center of a region with extremely dymanic development. There are many enterprises in Varna – here is the biggest shipyard in the country, factory of diesel engines, factories for electrical appliances, factory for calcinated soda and polymers. Varna has an international airport and is the biggest port in the country. Annually here are berthing almost 2 500 ships, loading and unshipping up to 10 million tones of freights. The biggest at the Balkans transport equipment – The Asparouh Bridge, connects the two coasts of the Varna Lake with the sea. The agriculture in Varna is also developed. This region is famous for wine producing and here are founded some of the oldest wine cellars in the country.

In 1921 was established the first university of economics in Bulgaria – now Varna University in Economics. Here is the Naval University, the quarter of the Bulgarian Navy.

Undoubtedly number 1 of the economic in the region is tourism. The magnificent beaches, the warm mineral springs, the clean and hospitable sea combined with the renovated hotels and the big forests turned the region into a famous international touristic area. It is not by chance that here are developed some of the most prestige resorts in Bulgaria: Golden Sands, Albena, St. st. Constantine and Elena, Riviera, Sunny Day.

Varna has lots of attractive sightseeings:

  • The Archaeological Museum with the oldest processed gold in the world;
  • The Dolphinarium – the only one at the Balkans, with superb Dolphin show;
  • The Roman Therms, presenting one of the biggest antique public buildings, discovered in Bulgaria till now, an unique monument from the time of the Roman Odessos (II-III century).
  • The Assumption Cathedral, located in the center of the city, the second biggest temple in Bulgaria after St. Al. Nevski Cathedral in Sofia;
  • The Royal Palace of Evksinovgrad, built in 1885, in which park are to be found over 200 unique plant species from East Asia, the Mediterranean and South America. Nowadays the palace is a residence of the Presidency and is famous for its excellent wine cellar.

Varna has earned twice the prize of “The Best Town for Living in Bulgaria”.

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